120 Global Educators Engage in Online Professional Development

During February and March, over 120 global educators from 11 countries came together to engage in online professional development for the BRIDGE Program, supported by the Stevens Initiative. During the online course, participants collaborated with others educators from the Middle East, North Africa, and the United States.  Through this cross-cultural communication, teachers learned how to[...]

Stories from the Classroom: United States

Want to connect your classroom to teachers like Greg in Spring 2017?   Click here to learn more.   What is your name?  Greg Reiva Which iEARN project are you doing?  The Earth Stewardship Project Where do you teach? Streamwood High School in Illinois, USA What subject/age do you teach? High school chemistry, physics and physical science  […]

Stories from the Classroom: Yemen

What is your name?  Sukina Almaen Which iEARN project are you doing?  The Earth Stewardship Project Where do you teach? At Alharmeen School in Ibb, Yemen What age do you teach?  Students ages 12-14 years old Tell us your story. BRIDGE program is very important because I get many useful things from it. For instance, I knew other[…]

Stories from the Classroom: Algeria

Want to connect your classroom to teachers like Saliha in Spring 2017?   Click here to learn more. What is your name?  Saliha Belhacene What do you teach? English Language Arts Where do you teach? At Mustapha Ben Boulaid High School in Constantine, Algeria Which iEARN Project are you doing?  My Identity, Your Identity Tell us your story.[…]

iEARN Yemen conducted their second BRIDGE workshop in three governorates

In October 2016 iEARN-Yemen hosted three workshops in three governorates (Sana’a – Alhudaidah – Hadramout) as part of the BRIDGE Program. 11 teachers from 3 governorates joined the workshop and they were introduced to the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN). All participants became members of iEARN and collaborated with the peers who joined the[…]

Bring global projects into your classroom this Spring with the BRIDGE Program!

Are you a middle school or high school teacher interested in bringing global projects into your classroom?  Do you want to connect your students with classrooms in the Middle East and North Africa?  You can start this Spring by joining iEARN’s BRIDGE Program. The Spring program activities will run February – May 2017.  As a[…]

Workshops in Palestine Connect 15 Teachers to Global Collaboration Opportunites

The iEARN-Palestine team, together with the Excellence Center in Hebron, conducted their first face-to-face BRIDGE Program workshop on October 8, 2016 at the Batter Municipality and Library. Fifteen new iEARN teachers from The workshop Hebron, North and South of Hebron, Bethlehem and Jerusalem attended the workshop and were trained by six experienced iEARN participants. The main goal of the workshop was to equip the participants[…]

Second BRIDGE Workshop in Tunisia at the National Center for Technology in Education (CNTE)

TEARN (Tunisian Education and Resources Network) conducted it’s second BRIDGE educators workshop on September 6th, 2016 at CNTE( National Center for Technology in Education) in Tunis. The venue was exceptional! Teachers came from various parts of the country.  CNTE officials greeted participants and country coordinator, Basma, made a presentation on iEARN, its goals ,missions and introduction to the BRIDGE Program. The workshop included[…]

Morocco Workshop takes place on October 1-2nd, 2016.

mEARN, an iEARN BRIDGE partner, is a non-profit organization in Morocco thatworks on promoting young students 21st century skills in English Language together with the use of new technology. This can be seen through PBL (Project Based Learning), collaboration, video conferences, and forum discussions with other school outside Morocco. On October 1-2nd, mEARN hosted their first face-face BRIDGE[…]

BRIDGE Project Exchange: Five New Curriculum Units!

Following the online educators course, BRIDGE educators will connect their students to collaborate on global projects across the curricula.  Students connect through iEARN’s secure online platform to meet their peers, share ideas and work together on projects through asynchronous forum discussions and media exchanges in one of the following theme areas: environment, civic education, heritage, identify, tradition,[…]