A Thank You from Saliha

Saliha Belhacene
iEARN Teacher

Saliah Belhacene from Constantine, Algeria attend the BRIDGE Workshop and 2017 Annual iEARN Conference hosted in Marrakech, Morocco. Below is her letter of gratitude. 

Dear iEARN,

Frankly speaking, I’m still day dreaming about the planned and organized conference in Marrakech, Morocco. A conference attended by young and old from various parts of the world, I loved the real global collaboration and global citizenship. The projects extended the scope of my professional abilities. We shared to be global teachers and global learners, curious and open to different cultures. We enriched our teaching experiences by incorporating global issue topics into the lessons. Attending morning conferences and evening workshop sessions was of great importance to our professional development.

On the behalf of all the iEARN participants of the year 2016-2017; I would like to express my gratitude to the team of iEARN, BRIDGE and Stevens Initiative. I haven’t stopped thinking about how warm and how open the participants were. The organizers and all the attendees were at each day of the conference. It was wonderful to be among kindred souls for a brief time.



Saliha & BRIDGE Teachers

From left to right: Olivia Ramirez (U.S.), Zohra Bettayeb (Algeria), Allen Witten (U.S.), Yasmine Mamdouh (Egypt), Besma Maraouri (Tunisia), Hamis Alkorashy (Egypt), Saliha Belhacene (Algeria), and Nawrez Hsairi (Tunisia)

Saliha: A Thank You
Saliha: A Thank You
Saliha: A Thank You