Stories from the Classroom: Algeria

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What is your name?  Saliha Belhacene

What do you teach? English Language Arts

Where do you teach? At Mustapha Ben Boulaid High School in Constantine, Algeria

Which iEARN Project are you doing?  My Identity, Your Identity

Tell us your story.

First, I’m so proud to be in the BRIDGE Program.  As a teacher, I felt I made a giant leap toward being more than that.  I really felt drawn to a path to the top.  My  involvement in the BRIDGE Program  started in December 2015 and it was a great, beneficial, and fruitful experience for me.  A wonderful team of teachers, Mr. Mustapha Louznadji & Mrs. Kheira Mezzough, held a conference in our town of Constantine, Algeria. The team provide us with plenty of information about iEARN projects & the BRIDGE Program. Thus, it was an opportunity for me to join an exciting project exchange. Moreover, I was so impressed to take part in such interactive experience.

Participating in the online courses teaches me a lot in my professional career. It teaches me that working on line is so exciting.  You are really in one place but you feel you belong to a whole world.  The online courses make my work true.  iEARN provided me with opportunities to practice the four skills with my students while preparing the project.  It gives me as a teacher an additional basis for assessment.  In Algeria, most students like learning English & iEarn project boost them to widen their minds toward English language.  As teachers and pupils we felt comfortable, believing in the BRIDGE Program and its members’ capacities, so we felt happy to join this community of a noble expedition.

Global Collaborative is so important as it’s the one opportunity that let students and educators work together on projects involving discovery, reflection and presentation.  It seems an opening opportunity for English Language students and teachers to work with different people all over the world. Moreover, it teaches me to try and try to communicate across time and language barriers. Collaborating makes the world closer as a goggle-box though the far distance between people.

We are grateful to the team that organized such challenging work.

Best wishes, Saliha Belhacene

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