One Day in the Life: Learning through the Eyes of their Global Peers

Students in the BRIDGE Program are learning authentically about the real word – through the eyes of their global peers. In small groups or individually, students create documentary photographs, drawings, or paintings on assigned themes. For six weeks, classrooms in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, the U.S., and Yemen engage in cross-cultural communication in an asynchronous discussion forum and sharing of media.  Learn more about their collaborative project….

INTRODUCTIONS: Classrooms began their virtual exchange with introductions. Students shared photos, name poems, and information about themselves.

WHERE WE LIVE: Students explore, photograph (or draw!) aspects of where they live – their homes, bedrooms, communities, etc.

WHAT WE EAT AND DRINK: Students share and discuss what they eat and drink on a regular basis, along with information about where they shop for food, how they prepare food, and traditions.

OUR COMMUNITY: Students explore and share about their community – including shops, parks, sports facilities, and more.

PERSONALITIES: Students used photography, drawing, and painting to depict a person, or people, in their community or family engaged in an activity.

ALTERNATE REALITY: Students photoshop themselves into a selected photo shared by a student in another country. Then they answer the question – what would life be like if I lived here?

If you are a Middle or High School teacher interested in joining a project like this, join our Fall cohort of educators in the BRIDGE Program.

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